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Important Things to Consider Before Designing a New Kitchen


Here are 10 vital standards for your cooking area style task.

  1. For performance, the job triangular (the room in between the sink, fridge, and also cooktop) needs to determine 26’ or much less without solitary side longer than 9’, or much less than 4’.
  2. In kitchen areas smaller than 150 sq. ft., select at the very least 13’ of base closets, 12’ of wall surface closets, and also 11’ of kitchen counter. In kitchen areas which are larger, select at the very least 16’ of base closets, 15 1/2’ of wall surface closets, and also 16 1/2’ of kitchen counter.
  3. For benefit, strategy function aisles to be at the very least 42” wide for one chef, and also at the very least 48” wide in multi-cook kitchen areas.
  4. Specify a minimum of 24” of counter room on one side of the sink and also at the very least 18” on the other.
  5. To produce one of the most easily accessible touchdown for dumping grocery stores, enable at the very least 15” of counter room on the manage side of a conventional fridge; on both sides if it’s a side-by-side design. or consist of a touchdown location straight throughout from the fridge, however no greater than 48” away.
  6. For cleaning simplicity, set up the dish-washing machine within 36” of one side of the sink and also enable at the very least 21” of standing area beside it.
  7. For microwaves and also stoves, offer at the very least 15 “ of counter space nearby, at least 16” deep.
  8. For optimal clearance, no entrance, device, or closet door ought to disrupt an additional.
  9. For convenience and also to assist in preventing repetitive-motion injury, prepare for job counters of various elevations; in between 28 and also 36” off the flooring (less complicated for slicing and also seated-use gain access to), and also in between 36 and 46” for basic jobs (greater counters fit taller chefs).
  10. To set up a closet system over the chef top, see to it the clearance goes to at least 24” for a fire resistant surface area, 30” for an unsafe surface area.

Designing a kitchen area is as much scientific research as it is an art. Knowing the suggested dimensions to make use of when intending the task can make all the difference in the end result.

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