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Benefits of Hardwood Floors


You’d be hard-pressed to locate a home owner who does not desire wood flooring. Wall-to-wall carpets is out, and wood flooring remain in. But are they worth the price? Let’s encounter it: at $8–$10 per square foot (set up), timber floor covering is a lot more pricey than carpets or the significantly typical laminates that supply a comparable appearance.

If you’re on the fence and also cannot determine whether to mount wood flooring (or possibly peel off your old carpets and redecorate the timber beneath), this listing might have the ability to assist. We’re most likely to have a look at several of the advantages of wood:

1. Longevity

Thanks to long-lasting surfaces that are simple to fix, solid-wood flooring can last for a century or even more. There are really a couple of floor covering products that have actually been about as long as timber. Over the centuries, it has actually become a charming and long-lasting flooring selection. Other, more recent products have yet to verify themselves.

2. Coziness and warmth

Not only is wood a lot more pleasurable to stroll on than laminate (which constantly really feels chilly and also has a little “plastic” underfoot), yet it is normally cozy. Wood is a superb insulator, thanks to its countless small air chambers per cubic inch, which keep in warmth.

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3. Hypoallergenic

Got allergic reactions? Unlike rugs (read: reproducing premises for mold and mildew, mold, and also allergen, every one of which can be difficult on any individual with allergic reactions), timber flooring does not offer plant pollen, pet dander, mold and mildew, etc. any kind of location to conceal and also prosper. Even when you heavily steam-tie rugs, it’s difficult to get them totally tidy. In truth, obtaining them damp simply makes things even worse. Hardwood floor covering is a superb selection for any individual with any kind of ecological allergic reaction. (And it makes great feeling for every person else who also wishes to rest on flooring that’s concealing mold and mildew?)

4. Easy to Clean

A little sweeping and also a little wiping, and also your wood flooring will certainly maintain looking good for a very long time ahead. Even family members with canines and children understand that it’s less complicated to wipe wood flooring than to attempt to spray, scrub, or wash grape Kool-Aid out of a rug. Another perk is that a scrape right here or a cut there actually simply adds personality to timber flooring (certainly, you can constantly have them redecorated if you like excellence).

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5. Increase Home Value

Unless you’re most likely to be staying in the exact same residence for the remainder of your life, you must consider exactly how the floor covering selections you make today will certainly impact the rate you can obtain for your residence when you offer it. Carpet will certainly look old and also be made use of in a couple of years, whereas timber flooring lasts a very long time and also adds value to a residence (if you have actually ever seen those residence seeker reveals on TV, you have actually easily seen nearly every possible purchaser browsing with any luck for wood flooring). Even laminate floor covering, which resembles timber floor covering, is a distant second selection for buyers. It simply does not have the exact same heat or feel.

These are simply a few of the advantages of wood flooring. We really did not also state the visual worth; at the end of the day, they simply look far better than the options. If you can afford to pay an additional pair of bucks per square foot, choose wood. If you have wood concealed under your existing rugs, tear those fools up and also obtain the timber redecorated.

If you choose laminate or simply change the carpets, you might regret it in the future.

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