Best High Chairs For Infants And Toddlers


If your baby is ready to join you at the table, then it’s about time to get him or her a particular chair. A high chair serves so many different purposes, like a place to eat, play, and explore when starting solid foods, as well as a place to sit and socialize with the rest of the family. This high chair will be used for a long time, so it’s best to choose the right one. However, there are so many high chairs on the market, so it’s hard to know where to begin. Don’t worry; we did all the research, so you can easily choose which one you like. Check out our list below for some of the best high chairs for infants and toddlers you can get for your precious little one.

The Peg Perego Siesta

Peg Perego Siesta is our first choice on this list. Although it is quite pricey, it is worth it, especially if you want the best high chair for your baby. Peg Perego Siesta offers not just comfort but also versatility, durability, ease of use, and a good compromise between style and modernized high chair features.

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair & Tray

Next on our list is the Abiie Beyond, a high chair that offers comfort, durability, versatility, and safety, as well as it’s easy to clean too. The high chair is also a great compromise between an expensive rigid upright ergonomic high chair and a more traditional plastic high chair.

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Graco Blossom 6-in-1 High Chair

The Graco Blossom is a 46-in-1 convertible high chair that is perfect if you want to do infant feeding with a bottle. This Graco’s top-rated high chair has the correct padding and three recline settings for newborn babies.

Fisher Price SpaceSaver High Chair

The Fisher Price SpaceSaver is the perfect high chair that you can attach to your dining room chairs. This high chair doesn’t even take up any additional space than the chair you attach it to, which makes it an excellent option for apartments and smaller homes, and for parents who are looking to cut down on the unnecessary baby gear scattered around the house.

Stokke Tripp Trapp Wooden High Chair

This Stokke Tripp Trapp is one of the best of the best high chairs you can think of. Specialists and therapists highly recommend this high chair for infant feeding for its ergonomic seating position that facilitates swallowing and digestion, as well as minimizes gas and reflux.

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OXO Tot Sprout High Chair

Relatively, the OXO Tot Sprout high chair is a no-frills option that is not just comfortable but also well-built, as well as has some great features. The OXO Tot Seedling was discontinued recently and replaced by this relatively contemporary option.

Oribel Cocoon High Chair

This is a new option on the high chair market. Oribel is a company that makes some of the most high-quality baby products with sleek contemporary styling. Its high chair is no exception, with a minimalist design and elegant shape.

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