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How to Renovate a House Yourself?


How to renovate a house by yourself is something we always think about when we want to change something in our home. We always consider how much it will cost when we hire a professional to do it for us. Not only that, the materials and time also play a major factor when we want to renovate our house. Whether you are just preparing to sell or just want to have new vibes in your home,. Doing it by yourself isn’t that hard to do.

To avoid unnecessary costs, it is very important to take note and plan the renovation that you want to do. You can read magazines or search online for guides on how you will do a certain task in renovating some parts of your house.

 1. You can start by cleaning your exterior wall

Depending on the type of finishing on your exterior walls, cleaning them first with a long-handled brush, a good cleaner, and a garden hose will save you lots of money when you start your renovation. Let it dry before you apply paint.

2. Update your front door

It is important to update the look of your main entrance to your home. It is good to make a curb appeal with the use of bold accent colors to give your door a bit of a spotlight. You can also try to change to new metallic house numbers to make them stand out.

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3. Use removable wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is always stylish and affordable when you plan to update some of your exterior walls. Adding color or pattern to your wall gives it a good and refreshing space in any part of your home.

4. Repaint your walls

Painting is pretty much really easy to do if you already clear and clean up the walls that you want painted. You could just buy the paint from the hardware stores that can be mixed and matched to the color that you want to apply to your wall.

5. Repaint or Replace your cabinets

If you don’t want to spend more money on buying new modular kitchen cabinets, just paint it. Or if you can spend a little extra bucks for it. You can replace its glass doors to make it more appealing.

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6. Bathroom Renovation

It may be costly and require a lot of work to do, but worry not. You can always change all your faucets, shower heads, and bidets easily for a new one. You can also replace your old shower heads with a new handheld model that offers different water settings.  Add some new storage shelves to make it more appealing. For fixture updates and changes, you need to hire a professional to make sure it is installed properly and cleanly.

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7. Window Coverings is attractive

You can always find cheap, easy-to-install shades, curtains, and rods at any Home & Living Store.

8. Update your flooring

If re-sanding and re-finishing your floor is beyond your capabilities, you can still do it without doing that kind of professional work. You can always buy and use durable floor paint and even peel-and-stick tiles to cover up your old floor.

The first question and problem you asked,  “How to renovate a house yourself?” is not one you can answer now. Instead, rephrase it with “When will you renovate your home yourself?” House renovation isn’t that expensive if you can do it with yourself one at a time. Making our home feel new always gives people refreshing vibes every time you invite them to visit.

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