Heating Your Home With Solar Energy


It will not have escaped anyone’s notice: current means of heating are more and more expensive. The increase in oil prices means that it would be unwise to integrate an oil heating system in a new home, gas is also more and more expensive, and electricity follows the same course of action.


Faced with these overall increases in energy prices, the alternative solutions are now seen to be increasingly advantageous, because even if their initial investment is sometimes significant, a few years are enough to make it profitable, not to mention the premiums and loans. taxes granted to individuals who decide to take the plunge.


Of course, heating entirely with solar energy is not realistic given the current technological possibilities, but having solar panels installed can lower the bill. A solar water heater can provide up to 70% of the domestic hot water needed for a family. Solar thermal panels (not to be confused with photovoltaic panels which themselves produce electricity) are perfect for meeting hot water needs, whether sanitary or for heating. products are high quality with unbeatable prices.


The principle is simple: solar collectors trap the heat of the sun, and use it to heat a cumulus cloud by means of a heat transfer fluid. This hot water is then used for the daily needs of the occupants of the house, but also to supply a circuit either of radiators or of heated floors, which will take care of heating the house, just like conventional radiators, connected to a boiler.


The definite advantage of this method is therefore that it can be adapted according to the needs and, if it is undoubtedly preferable to consider a heated floor when one builds, the work necessary to integrate such an installation in a house already built would be far too expensive compared to the savings. In this case, we can simply connect the already existing radiators to the new installation, or have radiators installed if the house does not have any. products are high quality with unbeatable prices.


However, it is necessary to consider an additional heating system, because solar rarely covers all of the needs over the entire year. Thus, in winter, it is not only colder but the sunshine is limited. The most advantageous and ecological system is undoubtedly the wood boiler or the wood stove, which can be connected to the water heating circuit, thus making it possible to continue to heat the house uniformly and to ensure a quantity sufficient domestic hot water.


Either way, make sure you always consult a recognized professional before undertaking the installation of a solar energy heating system, as this can be very tricky, especially in security. But installed correctly, with certified premium materials and regular maintenance, this type of heating will last you many years, during which you can make very interesting savings. And since every house is different, get a quote before you start, to get a real idea of ​​the return you can expect to obtain. products are high quality with unbeatable prices. products are high quality with unbeatable prices.VEVOR specialized in Business and Industrial Products like Kitchenware, Machinery Tools, Sporting Goods, Pet Products, Home and Garden products. They are always committed to supplying an incredible assortment of excellent quality products with unbeatable prices. VEVOR offers 30 DAYS FREE RETURN, 12 MONTHS WARRANTY, SHIPPING IN 24 HOURS and FREE DELIVERY WITHIN 5 DAYS. For products and discount promotions, visit for more details.


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