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Tips To Make Your Kitchen Appliances Last Longer


We all know that during the old days, kitchen appliances used to last as long as they used to . Today the truth about this has been changed as the consumer electronics manufacturer wants to profit more in their appliance by giving them a little bit of a short warranty and guarantee of the appliance life span when you purchase it. As this change has become the new normal for consumers to keep in Home and Living trends, there are some key  practices and routines that you can perform for your appliance to last longer. Here are just a few things to consider  that can help extend the life of your home appliances.


Stove and oven

The crucial thing with the stove and oven is to keep them clean. However, if you own a self-cleaning oven, don’t use your regular oven cleaner because it will probably be too aggressive for the surface and could damage it. Instead, simply use its self-cleaning option but don’t run it for 3-4 hours (like the manual suggests) – an hour will suffice.
The stovetop should also always be clean so that gas burners can work freely. In case you use an electric stovetop, you mustn’t leave anything on the coils that could burn up.
Also, if your electric stove isn’t working properly, turn the burner off, then pull it out of the socket to shut it down completely. Plug it in again, wiggling it around – if you feel it’s loose, remove the burner. Bend the burner prongs forward to create a better connection.

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The microwave gets dirty pretty fast, so it’s necessary to clean it regularly and do it the right way.
First, you should heat up a cup of water with lemon slices for 3 minutes and let it evaporate until you see steam on the glass window. Use a regular sponge or cloth to wipe down the dirt. In case the microwave has a glass plate, take it out and clean it separately. In the end, use warm soapy water to clean the inside of the microwave and allow it to dry completely.
As far as the exterior goes, you only need a sponge or a cloth. Just make sure you don’t spray the cleaner directly onto the microwave because it could get into the ventilation holes.

The dishwasher

If you notice your dishwasher isn’t cleaning the dishes as well as it used to, there’s probably a problem with the filter. The filter can get clogged by all the food, so the water doesn’t get to the spray arms.
The repair doesn’t take long – pull out the lower rack and take out the filter. Next, clean the screen with a wet-dry vacuum and move the float switch up and down. If the cover is hard to move, jiggle it up a bit and use water to clean it completely. In case you’re having trouble finding the filter, use the owner’s manual.
Also, don’t stuff the dishwasher with too many dishes – many of them won’t get cleaned, so you’ll have to repeat the cycle. You also shouldn’t run hot water through the faucet before you start the dishwasher. That way, the heater inside the dishwasher won’t have to use a lot of energy to warm up the water necessary for the cleaning.
In case a glass breaks in the dishwasher, make sure you take out every single piece of it. A shop vacuum is the surest way you’ll remove everything.

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The fridge environment is perfect for mold development, so cleaning it regularly and properly is very important.
Every week, check if any of the food has expired or has gone spoiled. When cleaning the fridge, remove everything from it so that you can reach even the furthest corners. In case of stains and odor, use baking soda .
If the door gaskets get glued to the frame because of a spill, you mustn’t deal with it by pulling them because you could end up tearing them and having to replace them. The best approach is to clean the gaskets with just warm water and a sponge, not the detergent because it could damage the gaskets.
As far as the exterior goes, check if the condenser on the back of the fridge is dusty. If it is, clean it with a broom. You should also check the seals of the fridge and make sure they work properly. It’s also important to replace any broken or worn out part as soon as possible. It’s possible to find, for example, original Samsung fridge parts to buy online, or any other brand, so don’t hesitate to react if you notice a faulty part.
In case the burner won’t come on, spilled food would be a probable issue. A toothbrush is best to use for cleaning the igniter – it’s placed under the ceramic seal strike plate or on the stovetop. When you’re done, make sure you put the strike plate back properly.

Final words

Kitchen appliances can last for years if you treat them with care, clean them properly, and react timely in case of an issue. By doing that, you will save quite a lot of money. Not to mention avoiding frustrating situations when an appliance breaks down at an inconvenient time more often than you think.

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